Printing journey & lessons: always get a hardcopy proof!

Exciting news, the proof arrived yesterday (December 29, 2020) and printing has begun! I am beyond thrilled with the quality of everything. It’s so neat to see something I’ve been staring at on my computer screen come to life in its printed form!

I love the glossy hardcover upgrade! It looks so good!

When printing off hundreds of copies of something, it’s common practice to get a proof. A proof is just a single printed copy so you can check the following: paper quality, that everything is there in the correct order, that nothing is cut off, the colour, etc. I’ve included some pictures below for you. The purple wire-o binding will be changed to white in the final production run.

It’s been a long journey to get the proof to where it is. Early in December, the printing company had sent me images of the first proof they had created. This calendar is a little different than your standard book because of the hardcover easel stand, and this stand was posing some challenges. I had originally planned to do one-sided printing. However, I didn’t realize how thick a year’s worth of pages would be. The calendar was unbalanced, hard to use, and it was too thick to bind with a wire-o coil (so they had to use a plastic spiral).

Here is a picture of what went wrong.

Obviously, this wasn’t passing quality control. The printing company recommended double-sided printing and a wire-o binding upgrade. Now, it looks great and we can proceed with printing. This is an example of why I opted for a shipped proof before giving the go-ahead for the mass printing.

We are now in the queue for this project to be printed! After that, the bulk shipment will be shipped to me, and I will then ship them out to you. Keep your email notifications on, I will be updating everyone during each step of the process.

Great things take time! I really appreciate all of you for being here.

Stay tuned for the next update. If you want in on the action, snag a pre-order on Indiegogo before they’re all gone.

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